Bonjour! My name is Marie and I’m an award-winning blogger, cookbook author, recipe developer, and culinary translator.

Hi there! I’m Marie Asselin–the voice behind Food Nouveau. Like so many these days, I wear many hats: I’m a translator by trade turned recipe developer, cookbook author, and stylist. I’m also an ex-designer, a citrus-fanatic, a procrasti-baker, a passionate traveler, and a mom. I’m French-Canadian so I’m fluent in French and English, but I’m committed to adding Italian to that list. My home is in Quebec City, Canada. I’m so happy you’ve found me and that we’re going to cook and bake together!

How Food Nouveau Came to Be

I first started back in 2001, fresh out of graphic design school. I wanted to practice my design skills and build my own website, so decided to start a website–an online recipe binder really–where I published my favorite recipes with pictures and short comments.

After a few years, my interest in the site tapered off as my “real” work as a graphic designer took over. I worked long hours, but before long, I quit my full-time job, went freelance, and undertook a translation degree.

While work and school kept me busy, it didn’t stop me from pursuing my passion for food. From 2005 to 2009, I managed a small cooking school on nights and weekends, working hand-in-hand with chefs who taught classes that changed every season.

In 2005, I also started to travel my way around the world with the fantastic guy who has been sharing my life for almost 20 years now (that would be Eric). In early 2009, we had the fabulous opportunity to live in Paris for five months. This enchanting experience made me feel a strong urge to revive Food Nouveau as a blog, which would allow me to chronicle my travels, discoveries, and cooking experimentations.

In 2013, a little one joined our family and forever changed the way I cook, travel, and see the world. My maternity leave gave me the opportunity to take a life-changing turn in my career. I decided to leave graphic design behind and devote myself to my true passions: writing and cooking.

Traveling is still my biggest source of inspiration. We travel the world as a family and experiment with foods as we go. Italy, France, and Japan are our favorite destinations and I always make time to take local cooking classes on our trips.

The Food I Love and What I Cook at Home

French and Italian cuisines heavily influence the techniques and flavors that I cook and bake with. I also like to experiment with flavors and use ingredients I discover here and there in new and surprising ways.

In the kitchen, I naturally steer towards desserts, because those are what my mother first taught me as a kid. Although I don’t eat that much dessert on a daily basis, they are still what I like to make best, and the more intricate, the better {I’m looking at you, macarons!}.

I adore making French pastries and Italian desserts and finding fresh flavor combinations to make them new and interesting (while tasting divine of course!)

I am lactose-intolerant, so I strive to create and make luscious dairy-free desserts—because yes, I believe dairy-free creations can be as indulgent as their cream- and butter-laden counterparts.

My day-to-day savory cooking is usually composed of healthy-ish, often dairy-free dishes that can usually be eaten in a bowl. I have a penchant for Japanese-influenced bowls and salads. But if you come visit, I might very well come up with a full Italian feast, because I believe that everything tastes better topped with a grating of fresh Parmigiano Reggiano or a chunk of Mozzarella di Bufala.

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QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, REQUESTS? Please send me an email, I always love to hear from you. You can reach me at info {at} foodnouveau {dot} com.

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My Cookbooks

  • In 2015, I published my first eBook: Sweet Spot: Modern, Better-for-You Dessert Recipes, with Clever Tips to Bake (Mostly) Dairy Free. What if you could make sweet treats that are leaner and more nutritious, but still taste sumptuously indulgent? Both my son and I are lactose-intolerant and this eBook features all of my family’s favorite dairy-free desserts. Discover 60 better-for-you, modern desserts your guests will swoon over. The eBook features mouthwatering photography and includes clever tips for adopting a (mostly) dairy-free diet. Learn more about Sweet Spot.

  • In 2018, my first cookbook, Simply Citrus, was published. In the late fall of 2017, an editor from US publisher Gibbs Smith spotted me on Instagram and contacted me to ask whether I’d be interested in writing a cookbook. I never thought I’d ever be vindicated for all the time I lose spend on Instagram! :) The contract was signed, the recipes were developed, the photos were taken, and the book came together.

    Simply Citrus is a sunny, beautifully photographed book that contains 60 recipes using a variety of fresh citrus fruits, including lemons, limes, oranges, mandarins, grapefruit, pomelos, kumquats, and citrus products such as yuzu juice, orange blossom water, and preserved lemons in a variety of appetizers, soups, salads, main dishes, desserts, and drinks. Learn more about Simply Citrus.

  • In 2019, my cookbook adventures continued with the publication of a second tome, French Appetizers, a guide for enjoying the French ritual of l’apéro. My collection of 75 French-inspired appetizers is perfect to serve for happy hour or to give a lunch box or picnic basket that ‘something extra-special.’ Serve fresh, modern, and versatile appetizers and small servings, from basic tapenades and hummus, to savory cakes, quiches, and sweet treats as a prelude to dinner, or even in place of an evening meal. Many of my recipes include simple formulas to make several versions of a single recipe so that you are only limited by your own taste buds and creativity.

    French Appetizers was showcased by The Washington Post and The National Post, as well as on many blogs. Learn more about French Appetizers.

Awards & Accolades

  • 2018 IACP Digital Media Awards
    “Best Individual Blog”

    2017 IACP Digital Media Awards
    “Best Recipe-Based Blog”

  • 2017 IACP
    Photography Awards
    “Best Food Styling in a Commercial Food Photograph”

  • 2016 Finalist
    “Best How-To
    Food Blog”

Work with me

Please note that I am not currently accepting sponsored content or brand collaborations for Food Nouveau.

However, I do provide freelance services in the culinary niche, including content creation, recipe development, and translation services. I work with brands, publishers and authors, photographers, and video/tv production teams.

My skills, at a glance

  • Culinary translation (French to English and English to French)
  • Recipe development
  • Recipe testing
  • Food styling and food photography
  • Graphic design
  • Video production
  • Content creation


I love helping others develop exclusive recipe content for their own platforms. I’ve worked with multiple brands over the past decade to help them develop their own social media presence or build out their website with exclusive recipes and photos.

I’m happy to film cooking videos: I’ve created multiple video classes teaching others how to make gelato, macarons, and more.

I’ve also written and styled entire cookbooks for brands and I do regular work as a culinary translator for other authors and publishing houses.

I am happiest when I am able to establish long-term relationships with my clients. This allows me to become an expert in using their products and understanding their company’s culture.

I’d love to develop recipes for your brand! You can contact me at info {at} foodnouveau {dot} com and we can discuss your needs.

Photo Credits

I started my blog in 2010 and for over 9 years, I did everything to maintain it, from coding the site to creating the recipes to snapping the photos. But photography was never my passion nor was it my strong suit. It had always felt more like a necessary evil to me.

Catherine Côté, food photographer, and Marie Asselin, food stylistSo in 2019, I decided to entrust the photography of my recipes to my friend and long-time collaborator, food photographer Catherine Côté. Catherine is the photographer of my two cookbooks, and so after these inspiring experiences and creating so many images and books together for clients, it was truly a joy to finally elevate the visual aspect of my blog to a professional level. Catherine allows me to bring my recipes to life!

Older pictures were taken by me, and I’ll still snap the occasional photo from time to time.

Please do not use any pictures from this site without permission. If you want to use a picture, contact me to request permission beforehand: info {at} foodnouveau {dot} com.

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I’d love to hear from you! Drop me a message with any business inquires, comments or questions you may have.